Math and Tractoring

Today, I laid out 4 new rows up by the vineyard that will eventually be planted with Raspberries and Blueberries. I had one row mapped out from last summer, but I decided to add three news rows parallel to the first one. The area is not an exact square; it’s actually a big trapezoid. Also, there are some giant boulders/ledges in the way, so i was trying to make all the rows evenly spaced, while still taking the rocks into consideration. So, even though I tried to get away without it, I actually had to use MATH for the third time out here on the farm. (The Pythagorean theorem comes in handy laying out garden rows and hoop houses, too.) This marks the third time I’ve used the PT since about 1986… and all three times were in the past year.)

After laying out the rows and feeling satisfied with the spacing, I put the subsoiler on the tractor and plowed through the new rows. Then I started the discing process, which is definitely going to take some time since this pasture area is pretty thick with brushy roots and moss… and ironically, wild blueberries. At least I know the NEW blueberries will do just fine here.

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