Raspberry Transplant

This is what our raspberry “patch” has looked like for the past two years:

It’s pretty much a classic tangle of brambles, weeds and more weeds. The berries along the edges are easy to pick and taste fine, but well over 75% of what grows here is inaccessible by humans. So, I’ve been prepping a couple “rows” up by the vineyard to transplant some or all of these plants to a better home. Today was moving day. This is what the end of day one looks like:

This is about 90′ of a 100′ row. There is another 100′ row to the right that needs a bit more work, but it will eventually contain another row of raspberries. We planted these in a nice straight line and will allow them to sucker and spread to about 2-3′ wide. Everything else will get mowed down, in order to keep the row accessible for reaching in to pick. We may even set up a little trellis to give the canes some support. It feels great to have this project underway.

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