I was just out mowing the field and was confronted by a #coyote about 20 yards in front of me. It got directly in my path and came at me determinedly with its head low. I did a 180 and went the other direction but it followed me a good 100 yards until it stopped. It was clearly defending something and it shook me up quite a bit. (I was on foot jogging behind a walk-behind mower!) So I came in and sent up the drone to see if I could get a look at what it was doing. Sure enough, it was standing guard over something. I thought it might be little coyote pups… Well, it was defending a pup, but not a coyote pup. Unfortunately, I don't think mama #fox has two pups anymore. #coyote #masswildlife #massachusetts #northquabbin #drone #phantom4pro #circleoflife #dogeatdogworld #andrewapplepie